Free Engraving Software

These programs are made by ourself and may not copied or distributed for  commercial use and not use for comercial engraving , you can download it and use it for free. When you download a program please send me an Email with your name and E-mail adress, so i can send you a message when there is something wrong with the program or we have an update.

Here it is. The newest Software. This is an Beta version for testing. Make a Directory c:\majosoft and place this file 
( 220 kb ) and run it. When he ask something answer with "y" ( yes )

majopack latest update jan 2001 bug fix

System Requirement :

( Do NOT Use option for H-bridge )

This program CAN run under windows(95,98,ME)  in a DOS box.  This is no problem, you must set the CVE low.

XT with an VGA screen and DOS 3.3 or higher.

LAST UPDATE  11 - Sep - 2000.

If you have a problem with reading G-Codes please send the G-Code to me and i try to fix it.
If you use an other G-Code send it to me and mayby i can change my program so you can use it.

If you have suggestions about the program say it to me.

You can use this program for :

*Conrad steering card smc800 and smc1500

*Your own steering card with ULN 2803 or ULN 2003, with or without an inverter on the card.

*An Engravingmachine 3D

*An Plotter. ( if you use your own steering card then you can use 4 pens )

You can use 2 kind of file types :

*HPGL files with extension .PLT

*G-CODE files with extension .DIN   The following G-CODES are availeble :

*G0, G1, G2 with I,J,K as circle centre

*G55 Shifting Zero point X, Y, Z, W ( this is the rotating angle ) Increment

*G56 Shifting Zero point X, Y, Z, W ( this is the rotating angle ) Absolute

*G58 Mirror X, Y, Z on particular X and Y coordinaat

*G59 Stretching X, Y, Z

*G90 ( absolute ) and G91 ( increment ) you can use this in 1 line.

*Example : N1 G2 G90 X10 Y10 G91 I5 J5 G90 ( the circle centre is increment but the end coordinates are absolute )

*You can use line numbers, but it is not nessesary.( NOT YET , see expected in next version )

*You can use Y but also y. It doesn't matter.

Options in the Software :

*Rotating the PLT file with 3 dec after the point.

*Miror PLT file in X and Y

*Several times to depth with PLT file.

*You can choose witch pen you want to draw . Only PLT Files. ( 0 = pen in program )

*You can give the distance between the pens.

*G-Code or Plt files

*Conrad or your own steering card.

*Lpt1, Lpt2 or Lpt3

*Stretching X, Y or Z

*Zoom function

*Step by step engraving

*If your cutter is broken, you can start halfway. Only PLT files.

*During Engraving of an PLT File, you can press D. ( The cutter goes 0.1 mm down )
or you can press U. ( The cutter goes 0.1mm up )

*Preset X, Y and Z ax.
Example : You move the cutter to an position and then you can say X = -12.234

*You can move Zero to the Upper Left or Lower Left Corner. ( only PLT file )

*Steps / mm for each ax. Positive or Negative.

*Two languages. ( Dutch and English )

*Show all end points

I have also write a program to convert a fotoscan to 3D G-Code  or 3D-HPGL file. ( the name of the file who made is something.din ) I hope you try this software and say me if its wrong. This file is a selfextracter, after you run it, run setup.
The y-. and z.234 fault and the lines who doesn't matter are out.
( i hope you  understand what i mean. ) 1.5 Mb last  update 20 08 2000

Original ->

Converted to 3D and projected on a Cilinder

picture of free engraving software

I try to make an NEW program for this because many people had  to many questions about this program.

picture of free engraving software 135 kb )

Old Software

Latest version : 01 mei 2000

Software for the Conrad steeringcard smc800 and the smc1500