Digitising Probe
Designed by Shaun Wainford


This Probe can be used with different programs, like Mach3 , Usbcnc.
It’s easy to make and it works very good.


The working is very simple. The golden plate on this picture is a Printed cirquit board with small interrupts.

The PCB can be compare with a wire with interrupts. The peaces wil be connected through a steel ball then a pin then an other steel baal and then the pcb. This is 3 times a round.

On the upper picture you can see a yellow pin with a red ball at the end. This is connected to the purple peace and that’s connected to the pins. When you hit the red ball, the purple turn over and the balls from the pcb ar not connected anymore. So thats what we want.

I hope you understand what i mean.







Click here for the PDF File.

Thanks to Shaun Wainford