Free software Tools

On this site you can download some handy program’s for Free..

All the programs are programmed with Visual Basic 6.0.

At first you must download and installing the VB Runtime Files.

Vb runtime files  (1mb)

Now you can download my programs and run them.

You dont have to install them.

1) Rulers ( 72 kb )  ( bux fix 04 april 2005 ) - Rulers.Zip Complete install files ( 1.5MB)

With this program you can generate Straight and Rounded Rulers. ( only the stripes )


This is the package.
stripe1, stripe3, stripe3, stripe3, stripe3, stripe2 and so on. The complete package will be repeated until the Length is reached.

If you want to have G-Code ? File -> Save G-Code.
I hope you can use my program.

Good luck.

2) BMP To Din G-Code Converter

    With this program you can convert a Gray scale Bitmap to G-Code.
    This program converts only and it don’t look to the cutter diameter.
    Follow the steps and enjoy the program.

How to work :

1) Load your picture in a Photo program.
    ( i’m using for this Irfan View or Photoshop)
2) Convert to grayscale
3) In Photoshop i’m using Auto Color
4) make with a filter some softer ( this is because when there is 1 white or 1 black pixel in a gray surface , you got a hole.
5) Save it as Grayscale ( 8 bit ) BMP File.
6) Load the picture in my program.
7) set the distance between every pixel in X and Y direction.
8) set the distance between black and white. ( when you set negative , the picture wil be negative )
9) Save G-Code.

attend : If you making a picture of 1800 X 1200 pixels then you got a
G-code File of 1800X1200 =  2.160.000 lines .( Yes i know ,  it’s a nice program to fill your harddisk )

8 bits grayscale Bitmap Picture to G Code Converter

Download program BMP to G-Code ( 60 KB ) only exe
Download Complete install file ( 1.9MB )

3) Macro’s

With this program you can generate simple circles , squares and rounded squares.
You can also using the option Filling.
The Radius of your tool is also important.

Here you see the differents between Fill and no Fill


Download Macro’s (52kb)
Download Complete install file ( 1.39MB )

4) Target PCB Designer To G-Code Converter

Download your full working demo version now for private and non-commercial purposes!
Use all features (schematic, PCB, autoplacer, EMV-analysis, contour autorouter, simulation etc.).
The internal database is resticted to 100 pins/pads, two copper layers.The simulation is resticted to 30 signals.
 Click here to go Download Page of Target PCB Designer

Click here for the first steps with Target

Click here for a small tutorial of Target From nothing to Engraving PLT File ( pdf )


This is my program. It will convert a Target plotter file to 2 G-Code Files. One is Drill file and one is Engraving file.

Download  Target PCB Designer To G-Code Converter (56kb)
Download Complete install file ( 1.39MB )