Home made
Plasma Cutting Machine
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Here I let you see how we make this machine.

We think that the machine can be made simple.

We use square pipe of steel 25mm X 25mm X 2mm.

First : we don’t have a drawing. We think and we build.

The basic of the machine is an old steel table frame.


We took the wooden plate off.

We starting with the Y ax.


All the axis are the same , only the length will be different.

The bearings are from roller skates. These are the cheapest. ( we are dutchmen ;-)


We took a piece of metal like this and we drill 4 holes in it. The distance to the edge must be all the same.

Make screw-thread in the holes and mount the ball-bearing with a bold. If the bold is to long, please grind it away.



Put the leading and the 2 blocks with the ball-bearings together and place a steel plate to it and weld them together. With a hammer you can force the a little bit together.

At the back you can make something like this to clamp it together.
homebrew_plasma_cutter31(This is the z ax and is only for a clamping example.)


Weld the axis together and make shore that the guides A and B are parallel. When this is not ok you get later some serious problems to calibrate the machine.


Weld the guides to the table like this


Mount the plate with the bearing block.
( this is made from an old stepper)
This must be exactly 90 degrees to the guide.


Do the same to the X ax.


Put a plate to it and weld it to the weagon on the x ax.
Do the bearing in the bearing block and drill the hole through the plate.

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