Majosoft’s Free Hobby CNC Engraving Software for SMC800 and SMC1500 and ULN2803


This program can only be used for the SMC800 and the SMC1500 driverboard of , uln2803 driverboard and Step and Dir ( not tested )
If you want to have this software for free, please make pictures and a description of your engraving machine and send it to . It works only with win XP. Win98 has a big bug and i can’t find it )
A short description about this software.
The pictures are screen dumps. You can see what’s possible.
Setup Machine -> setup


The smc800 and the smc1500 driverboard has only 1 line in. I connect the ref. switches and a stop button together. ( not serial , but parallel )

When u are using a ULN2803 Driverboard you must use pin 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 on a 25 pin connector for your stopbutton and ref switches.

With this option you can determine  the value of the stop button and ref switch


This is the Manual window.

Here you can preset the axis.
Example. when you move the right side of your cutter against to the left side of your material . Then you want that this is ( when your cutter diam 10mm is ) X-5

That’s possible with preset.


As you can see on the manual window , there is an button “Mat Surface”.
With this option it’s possible to correct the surface angle ( see below )


Move your cutter to one of the points and press on “Set”. Repeat that for each point.

When you start engrave , the cutter will be everywhere engrave on the same depth.


On the main screen you see at the leftside this menu.
The numbers 1 to 5 are material sizes. You can program on properties - > material sizes. This option will be used for PCB engraving.
Button Cen Mat . = When you have draw your G-code program on your screen , then the program knows the max size in X and Y dir. and with this button you can place it in the middle of your material.
Button Fit scr = zoom to max mat size on the screen
Button Cancel = Cancel the “Cen mat” and “Fit scr” buttons.
Button 1:1 = Set Zoom to 1
The two buttons behind this text ( my mistake ;-) Shows the end points and Direction Arrows of each line.
Buttons 2D and 3D = Drawing on screen in 2D or 3D
Editor Button = Edit the actual file.

Properties menu


With this menu you can manipulate the G-code file.
Example : When you Stretch X-ax to -1 , the gcode file will be mirrored.

Speed XY is the engraving speed in material.

Tools menu


Here are some handy tools.

When you draw the g-code file on the screen, the program knows the max and min size of the g-code file.
Now you can move the zero point to the upper left or somewhere else. The other optionshere you can find in the menu on the main screen.

Programs menu


Here are some handy programs.

The programs 2,3,4,7 and 8 you can download from my other page Interesting Free Software to make G-Code

The program  Main program is very handy when you want to make the same product 20 times in 1 plate of material. See here below.

With the program “Batch Program ” you can place several g-code files behind each other. You can also say that the file must go in 5 times to the right delpth .

“Text To Gcode Website” is a link to my Text to Gcode generater


This program can only be used for the SMC800 and the SMC1500 driverboard of and the uln2803 driverboard ( at this moment )

If you want to have this software for FREE, please make pictures and a description of your engraving machine and send it to . Only XP and maybe win2000.

If you have already this program. CLICK HERE for the latest version. At this moment 2.026