How to make handy Selfmade Parts for your cnc engraving machine

On this site I will give you some ideas how to make some handy things.

Cutter spindle

Use a normal electric engine.

A holder for your engraving cutter

Click on the picture and it will be a large picture.

Cable Rol


Take a peace of material like this and cut it in to little peaces from 3 cm.


Make small holes in the upper side.
The center of the holes must be in one line with the left and richt side.

Make them together and your cable holder is finished.


When you want to use 1 motor and your leadscrew are not in the middle , then you have a problem.

Here you can see an easy solution for this problem.

The red and green lines are small steel cables and the rollers are as here below.

Enlarge the picture to better understand the working.