Sharpened Tools -  Pricing

Material Classifications

Antares cutters are manufactured in a variety of shank  diameters and lengths for all types of materials and applications. To meet  your engraving needs, we manufacture and sharpen our cutters to exacting  specifications. It is very important to use the proper cutter for the  material being engraved. Cutters sharpened for soft materials such as  plastic will dull quickly if used to engrave harder materials. Conversely,  cutters sharpened for metals will not produce optimum results in softer  materials. For ordering purposes, please specify which materials you will  be engraving.

ACR: Acrylic - Specify if reverse engraving

BAL: Brass, Aluminum, Soft Metals

FLX: Flexible Engraving Stock (Rowmark®,  Gravoply®)

PHN: Phenolic (Formica®,  Fiberglass®)

SSS: Stainless Steel, Steel, Hard  Metals

Sharpening Styles

Standard Cutters (STD)
Our standard tool for  engraving plastics and metals. Standard cutting tools produce a cut with a  30 side angle for plastics and a 40 side angle for metals. Standard  cutters are available in a variety of tip widths ranging from .005" to the  full width of the shank, in .005" increments.

Quarter-Round Cutters (QR)
Cutter with a  second split, perpendicular to that of a standard half round tool. Greater  chip clearance makes these tools effective for applications such as  engraving acrylic and soft materials. Available in tip widths from .005"  to the full width of the shank, in .005" increments.

Parallel Cutters (PAR)
Parallel tools  produce cuts with straight edges and a flat bottom. The smallest  recommended tip size is .060". We recommend that the depth of the cutter  not exceed 1- of the width. Maximum depth is double the width. When  ordering, be sure to specify the depth of the cut required, or material  thickness if cutting completely through.

Profiler (PRO)
A profiling tool has a narrow  cutting angle and is effective for fine detail engraving and cutting out  shapes where a slight bevel is acceptable. The standard angle on a  Profiler is 15. Standard tip widths range from .010" to .060". Larger tip  sizes are available.

Cutter-Beveler (CB)
Cuts out and bevels in  one operation. A Cutter-Beveler has a parallel cutting edge and a 45  cutting edge for a depth of 1/3 to 1/2 of the material thickness.  Beneficial for applications such as cutting out badges (on an engraving  machine) or producing discs or odd shaped items which are difficult or  impossible to do with a beveling machine.

Ballnose Cutters (BN)
Cutters with radiused  tips producing cuts with round ed bottoms instead of flat bottoms. Available as a parallel  cutter (straight sides) or a conical cutter (angled sides). Extremely  effective for reverse engraving in acrylic or for 3-Dimensional engraving  applications. Parallel Ballnose cutters are available from .060" to the  full shank diameter. Conical Ballnose cutters are available from .010" to  half the shank diameter.

ADA Braille Dot Cutters (BR)
The Americans  with Disabilities Act has placed strict regulatory standards on the sign  industry. We offer tools for cutting Braille dots and for making Cut-Out  Letters.(See right.) The Braille Dot cutter is a tool that routs away the  background material and leaves Braille dots with rounded tops.

ADA Cut-Out-Letter (COL)
The Cut-Out Letter  tool is a quarter round tool with a 22 cutting angle used to create  raised letters and numbers using plastic overlay materials in accordance  with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pricing for Cut-Out-Letter  cutters is the same as Quarter-Round  tools.

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