Tracen with Adobe Streamline

We have a bitmap picture and we want to have a outline. Many people ask me how they can do it.

With a lot of programs you can trace, but also a lot of programs do not what they say.

With Adobe Streamline it is very easy to trace, but the quality is not the best. When you do a lot of hand work, it is ok. ( maybe i have not enough experience with it to do it better ).

Step 1 :

    Open streamline and open a bitmap file.

Step 2 :

    Open the tracing setup.
    Options -> Conversion Setup


Step 3 :

    Press < CTRL + R > to trace

Step 4 :

    To see what the result is.


End : You can see the the result is not ok. Maybe for the hobbyist it is ok.


Gray is the original bitmap. The red lines are Arcs and the green lines are straight lines.