How to Trace with TYPE3

Type3 is one of the best Engraving software on the market. Our company has bought this product for the good Trace program.
I have made a lot of test with different programs. The instruction was : Vectorize a black and white Bitmap. It seems to be simple, but in practice it was very difficult to find one who trace exactly what we want.

Type3 is, from the programs what we had tested, the best on the market.
( ps. I found this program with Bearshare )

Run TYPE3 and load a Bitmap.

Select Bitmap and press CTRL and click on the vectorize button for setup

Press ok button and press again on the button “Vectorize bitmap”

When it’s ready, you can see the results.

The redline is the traced line. As you can see it’s not so nice.

Please go delete the vector line and select the bitmap and press the CTRL and the vectorize bitmap button.

Setup like this. And run again and see the results.

This is perfect.

Type3 can also trace Bitmaps with different colors.

It is very easy to combine colors before you trace the Specify color.