Laser Digitization
How to digitize a subject with a cheap line laser.


It’s very easy.

1) Download the software from Davids site. ( At the end of this site you will find the links.)

2) Print the camera calibration file.


3) fold it and place it like this.


4) i use a good webcam. ( i have a philips spc100nc )
( i had a logitech, that was better, but the webcam software give an error on my virusscan software )

The laser i use is a 16mW line laser.

On Laser Fuchs you can buy this laser for 123 euro.
Type LC650-16-3-F
The good points of this laser : you can sharping the line to every distance. ( i hope you understand my english )
The laser works on 2 batteries.

5)If you starts the program choose calibrate.
If you got errors ( to many or less points ) , please set your camera to black and white.

6) laser_digitising02 place the subject

7) laser_digitising03

hold the laser like this, and turn all the light’s off.

8) on the next page click start.
and turn your hand and move the laser light over the subject.

The big picture displayed slowly on the screen.


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