Majosoft’s Metal Working Site

On this site you can read and i hope learn from my experience with metal working

Something about myself.
I work for 18 years in the metal industry now. I have experience with high quality Swiss and German made CNC Milling and Engraving machines.

The reason of this site.
There are so many people who has questions about this subject. That’s why i have make this site, to learn the whole world everything about it. ( i know , that’s not possible. but i do my best ).

When you read this and you see that there is a subject what you knows better than me, please write and send it to me and i make a page for it. When we work all together we can help a lot of other hobby people. Send Email

Not ready
This site is never, never and never ready.
When you can not go to a page? Its simple , it is not ready yet. Be patience.

My projects ( click on the picture to see How it is made )


Fly Cutter


A quick change tool post


To make a beautiful radius on a Lathe.


How to make a good and “easy to make” bench clamp.


Tailstock Die Holder


A Knurling Tool


Lathe Chisel


Cut Off Toolholder with HSS Blade


Lathe product strike


How to make a
Worm Gear Reducer