How to File  espana netherlands

I made this page , because some people think it’s easy. Ok maybe you are right, it’s easy , but here i tell you some little tricks to make it easier.

Tip 1)  Don’t touch the surface of your material ( during you file it ) with your fingers. Because you bring some sweat on it and then slip your file over your material. Use a little piece of cloth to rub of the filings.

Tip 2 ) How to clean a File


When you file for a while , you see that the file is fillet with material.


You can remove this with a piece of brass. Do this in the same direction of the groove.

Tip 3 ) Don’t use a square file for square holes, but use a triangle file.

Tip 4 ) When you must file aluminum, you can rub in the file with tallow. ( sometimes it won’t work )

Tip 5) How to


When you want to file accurate , you must know what the sphere side is. This is the side we use to make something flat.


put your fingers like this and make a crosswise move.

more to come, i’m busy with it.