How to make a good Bench-Clamp


This bench-clamp is very useful and i tested it and i was impressed over the quality of this simple product.

Please look first to all the pictures to see what it will be.


I use for this bench-clamp C45 as material with a length of 400mm and a width of 80mm and a height of 50mm.

Note: Use so big as possible, because your clamp is always to small.

First make the two grooves in one time.It’s important that the grooves are parallel.


A few pictures i made with my telephone and they are not so good. I hope you can see enough.

You can see that i used two clamps. If you want to do it with one it’s all right.

The grooves are: width 10mm  and 6mm height.


Make a groove of 20mm wide and start at 20mm from one side and stops on 40mm at the other side.

The 40mm side will be the fixed side of the clamp.


Turn your piece of material 90 degrease and make a T grove. Do the same at the other side.


Drill a lot of holes in the groove to the other side. I use a 8.1 mm drill and the distance between the centers is 12mm.


This is the result.


Now we make at the underside a hole.

I have made it 45mm wide and 340mm long. The depth is to the centers of the holes + 0.3mm.


with a long cutter you can mill the both top sides.


This parts is almost ready.


Now we gonna make the fixed part of the clamp.

Put a piece of material in a clamp like this. Use a roll to be sure that the good side is to the clamp.

Make the whole blok.

The dimentions are 80 X 50 X 45mm



Sorry , i was forgotten to make a picture. Please make a big groove like this. The width is the same as fig1.


Drill two m8 holes in the block.
( 8.4mm )


place them together and make two centers in the big block with the 8.4mm drill.  Get the small block off the big block and drill the two holes with a
6.8mm drill and make m8 screw threat in it.


Make a new block. 80 x 60 x 50 mm.

Do the same as the small block without the drill holes. Put the block on an 45 angle


and make a flat surface.


Put the block in the lathe. Make a marker line. It starts in the middle of the small plane. When we drill the hole , it must be somewhere on the line.


You see that i have place an other block too. This is for the balance.


Drill a 20mm hole.


make with a flat cutter a big hole through the whole block. When you have done this, the whole block is ready.


Then make this part. You can make it of a round peace of steel with a diameter of 20mm. Drill a 5mm hole and make m6 screwthreat in it.

In the lower part you must make a 8mm hole for the pin.

To make a good hole. Drill first 7.8mm and the 8mm. You will see that the hole is exactly 8mm.


I forget another thing to tell.

In the block i use a 20mm round piece and 80mm long. Make a 7mm hole.

Put all the pieces together with a m6 bold.


It’s ready.


It’s a great bench clamp. and very accurate.