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I show you , how to use a bench-clamp on a milling machine.

To Clamp 2 pieces of material

Tips and tricks metalworking

when you have 2 pieces of material and you want to mill the tiny sides.

Tips and tricks metalworking

Don’t put them like this , because one piece can be 0.01mm thicker than the other and then you have a problem.

Tips and tricks metalworking

Then happen this.

Tips and tricks metalworking

Put them like this.

To set a bench-clamp straight


For the most of the actions i use the measurement tool.

This is a Dial test indicator


put the Dial test indicator against the clamp and move the camp to the other side


When you see that the clamp is not straight, please turn it a little bit and Repeat this action until it’s straight.

To clamp your material 1.


To clamp your material is one of the most important thing. In this example you see that my material is on an angle. When i work this up, my material is probably to rotate.


One of the solutions is to clean the clamp and your product with “Thinner” to make it greaseproof.


When this is not enough , you can try to use clean paper between the clamp and your product.

To clamp your material 2.


when you want to make a perfect 90 degrees angle on your material, you must use a roll. This can be made of brass.

To clamp your material 3.


when you want to make a perfect 90 degrees angle on your material, you can use a square.


You can use a Dial test indicator to control this.