Different kind of Chisels espana

There are a lot of different kind of chisels.

The 2 main groups are :

    * HSS ( High Speed Steel )
    * Tungsten

HSS Chisels

HSS we use for soft materials like normal steel, brass , plastic and aluminum
The reason why we use HSS now a days is that it’s cheap ( good for hobby people and dutch people ;-) ) , its easy to grind and it is sharper and toughness then Tungsten. You can grind almost every shape.

You can also make a good internal tool of HSS, because this material is stiff


Here you can see what angle you must grind for a HSS Tool for Steel.


Here you can see what angle you must grind for a HSS Tool for Brass.


Tungsten chisels

The reason why we use Tungsten is when we must work with steel with a high tensile strength or when the time is important.

There are many types of chisels. ( this is for all tool materials )

    * for inside  “C”
    * for outside. “A”, “B” and “E”
    * for screw thread “D”
    * bevel “B”

These tools are soft steel with a soldered piece of tungsten

When you buy a cheap tool, then is the basic material soft. That’s NOT good for inside chisels, because they are vibrating when you use them.

As you can see, they are cheap. The bolt of the chisel holder have make a little hole in the chisel.
OK, every one make this mistake the first time.

Holder with Throw-away-tip

The good side is: when the tool is blunt then you can turn the tool tip or replace it and the tool tip is exactly on the same place.

The bad thing is that it’s expensive for hobby people, but when you can pay it ,you will not have something else.

The chisel below i got from my work.
As you can see there are two plates. “A” and “B”

When you cut with the Tip of the tool and you have strong material, then the point can be broke and the chisel is damage. Like “C”. When you have two plates, you can replace plate “B” and your chisel is grand new. But when it breaks not so good and “C” will be bigger you must throw it away. ( i prefer to a hobbyist, he is happy with it )

How to adjust