Lathe Tool Post. espana

On the market you can find a lot of types. Big, small, cheap, very expensive , different angles, and so on.

The differences  between cheap and expensive is often the hardness and possibilities.

For hobby you can use soft ones, but when you must often change your tool then you can better buy good a one.

Here below you see different shapes.

This is the easiest one.
It works , it’s cheap, but not great.
How smaller your product diameter , how worse and worse it is.
It’s very difficult to set your tool on the right height. ( center of your product )

This is a good tool post. It’s made of hard steel and it has a good quality. You can easy setup the height of the tool. And you can change quickly the tool without to setup when you place it back.

This picture is not so good , but you can see how it works.
In the block is a spring that push to the “T” block.

This is a Multifix System. I think the best system you can have.
It has the same good point as the Emco tool post , but with this one you can put the tool in different angles without to unbind the block.
All professionals works with this system. It’s expensive but , goddess to work with.

The price for a small set. 1 main block and 3 small blocks are 300 euro.

If you don’t like the prices ,
there is always a possibility to make one by your own.

Look here to make one by your self.