The Tailstock of a Lathe espana


That’s a good one, what must i tell you about a Tail stock.

A: Clamping Lever
B: Barrel
C: Center
D: Hand wheel
E: Cross Adjustment

With the clamping lever you can fixate the tailstock on the ways.

When you turn the Hand wheel , the Barrel will be moved out or in.

This is a Barrel close up

This is the nonius of the cross adjustment

How do we test that the tailstock is in the middle?

Well that’s easy. We take a piece of round material with a center point on one side and we put it in the machine like this.

Place a Dial test indicator to it and set it to zero.
Then turn your material to the maximum and minimum. Turn it to the middle and set it to zero.


Make a line with a marker at the top of the material.

Do the same at the center side. So when you moves the Dial test indicator from one side ( with the marker at the top ) to the other side ( with the marker at the top ) , then must the Dial test indicator be at zero. Else you must change the cross adjustment.


I hope you have understand what i mean. My English is not so good.