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 smit lloyd/ tug anchorhandeling/ supply vessels


3000 HP CLASS:



Lenth o.a.             59.76m (196"1")

beam o.a.             11.72m (35"5")

depth                   5.15m (16"10)

draugt (max)        4.31m (14"1")

Cargo capacities:

total dead weight           700 tons

feul                              280 tons

drilling water                410 tons

potable water                95 tons

dry bulk (5 tanks)         4000 cu.ft.

deck cargo                   400 tons

deck area                     32x8.83m (105"x29")


main engines                2x1500hp at 300 r.p.m driving c.p.propellers

bollard pull                  34 tons

bowthruster                 250 hp lateral trust 3 tons


2 or 3 drum anchorhandeling/towing winch

pull max                      60 tons

speed/feul consumption:

max 14 knots 12 tons / day

economic cruising 12.5 knots 8 tons /day

4000 hp class :

tug/anchorhandeling/supply vessels


length o.a.                               54.81 m (179"10")

beam o.a.                                12.30 m(40"4")

depth                                       4.97 m(16"3")

draught (max)                          4.40 m(14"5)

cargo capasities:

total dead weight                    760 tons

feul                                        210 tons

drilling water                          510 tons

potable water                         146 tons

dry bulk                                 3900 cu.ft.

deck cargo                             400 tons

deck area                  28.9x9.44 (95'X31")

rig chainlockers 2,4 or 8

total cap 200 m max


main engines 2x2000hp at 430 r.p.m.driving c.p.propellers in fixed nozzles

bollard pull   43 tons

bowthruster 300 hp lateral thrust 3.4 tons


two drum anchorhandeling/towingwinch

pull (max)      140 tons

speed/feul consumption

max.13.4 knots 12 tons/day

economic speed 12 knots 7tons/day

4500 hp class:

tug/anchorhandeling/supply vessels


length o.a.                        57.44 m (188")

beam o.a.                         12.50 m (41")

depth                                5.80 m (19")

draught (max)                   4.81 m(16")

cargo capacitie:

total dead weight                1100 tons

feul                                    433 tons

drilling water                      564 tons

potable water                     219 tons

dry bulk (6 tanks)               4800 cu.ft 

deck cargo                         500 tons

deck area           34x9.6 m  (111"x31")


main engines 2 x 2250 hp at 900 r.p.m driving c.p.propellers

bollard pull           60 tons

bowthruster  450 hp lateral thrust 4.5 tons


two drum anchorhandeling/towing winch

pull (max)  100 tons

speed/feul consumption:

max    13 knots 13tons /day

economic cruising 11.5 knots 7tons/day

6000 hp class:

tug/anchorhandeling/supply vessels


length o.a.                       60.48 m (198")

beam o.a.                        14.oo m (46")

depth                               6.50 m  (21)

draught                             5.25 m(17)

cargo capacities:

total dead weight      1300 tons

feul                            600 tons

drilling water              600 tons

potable water             200 tons

dry bulk (6 tanks)     6000 cu.ft.

deck cargo                650 tons

deck area      35.0x 11m  (114"x36")

rig chainlockers    2

total capacity 120 m


main engines 2 x 3000 hp at 600 r.p.m. driving c.p. propellers

bollard pull   80 tons

bowthruster 500 hp , lateral thrust 6.0 tons


two drum anchorhandeling/towing winch

pull (max)   140 tons

two pendant wire storage reels each with a capacity of 1300 m of 64 mm (4265 feet) are installed on two vessels of this class for deep water.

anchorhandeling operations (up to 2600 feet waterdephts

speed/fuel consumption

max 14.5 knots 25 tons/day

economic cruising 12.5 knots 12 tons/day

extra features such as:

a two drum towing winch

a two drum anchorhandeling winch

fire fighting installation with foam and lightwater tank .

8000 hp class

tug/anchorhandeling/supply vessels


length o.a.               63.89 m (209"7")

beam o.a.                13.30 m (43"8")

depth                      6.30 m (20"8")

draught (max)          5.06 m (16"7")

cargo capacities:

total dead weight               1100 tons

feul                                   450 tons

drilling water                     600 tons

potable water                    110 tons

dry bulk (5 tanks)              6275cu.ft.

deck cargo                        500 tons

deck area                          33.5 10.4 m 110"x34")

rig chainlockers                4

total capacity 200m


main engines 2x 4000 hp at 550 r.p.m. driving c.p. propellers in fixed nozzles

bollard pull                       100 tons

bowthruster 310 hp lateral thrust 5 tons


three drum anchorhandeling/towing winch

pull (max)    140 tons

deep water anchorhandeling vessels are equipped with two  and four storage reels

speed/feul consumption

max.    15 knots 28 tons/day

economic cruising 12.5 knots 13 tons/day

smitlloyd 8000 hp class02

10000 hp class

tug/anchorhandeling/supply vessels


length o.a.                    63.40 m (208")

beam o.a.                     15.20 m (50")

depth                            7.00 m  (23")

draught                         5.50 m   (18)

cargo capacities

total dead weight            1500 tons

feul                                 731  tons

drilling water                    590 tons

potable water                    228 tons

dry bulk (6 tanks)           7000 cu.ft.

deck cargo                       700 tons

deck area            35x11.7 m (114"x38")

rig chainlockers                 2

total capacity 120 m

machinery :

main engines        2 x 5000 hp at 600 r.p.m. driving c.p. propellers

bollardpull            120 tons

bowthruster         800 hp

lateral thrust 10 tons

winches :

one two drum  anchorhandeling/ towing winch

pull ( max )        250 tons

one general purpose winch with one drum

pull (max)          110 tons

two pendant wire stoage reels each with a capacity of 610 m of 76 mm (2000feet)


max.      15.5 knots 30 tons/day

economic cruising 12 knots 13 tons/day

the main engines have been developed to burn 150cst feul

the cost of which when projected over the duration of a long term charter will offer considerable savings when compared to other vessels only able to consume more expensive gasoil

6ooo hp class

fixed platform supply vessels


length o.a.                        65.50 m (216")

beam o.a                          15.05 m (46.1")

depth                                 7.20 m (23.8")   

draught (max)                     5.95 m (19.6)

cargo capacities :

total dead weight               2270 tons

feul                                     750 tons

drilling water                     1010 tons

potable water                      190 tons

dry bulk (7 tanks)             11ooo cu.ft.

deck cargo                        1000 tons

deck area                  39.6 x11 m      (130"x36")

machinery :

main engines     2 x 3000 hp at 600 r.p.m driving c.p. propellers in nozzles

bow thruster 2x300 hp each

lateral thrust 6.8 tons

speed/feul consumption :

max   13.7 knots 16 tons/day

economic cruising 12 knots 10 tons/day

3000 hp class

straight supply vessels


length  o.a.              58.95 m (193.35")

beam o.a.                12.60 m (41.2")

depth                       5.90 m (19.4")

draught max              4.10 m (13.5")

cargo capacities :

total dead weight                         900 tons

feul                                            400 tons

drilling water                                395 tons

potable water                               274 tons

dry bulk (5 tanks)                        5350 cu.ft.

deck cargo                                   600 tons

deck area                  33 x 9.2 m  (180"x30")

machinery :

main engines                 2 x1500 hp at 825 r.p.m. driving c.p. propellers

bow thruster                 426 hp lateral trust 5 tons

speed/feul consumption :

max       11 knots 12 tons/day

economic cruising 10 knots 10 tons/day


 S          SMITLLOYD 3000 hp class  SL1/SL2/SL4/SL9/SL11/SL15/SL16/SL17/SL18/SL22


T         SMITLLOYD 4500 hp class SL25/SL26/SL27/SL28/SL29/SL30/SL31/SL32/SL33 


                   SMITLLOYD 4000 hp class  SL41/SL42/SL43/SL44/SL45/SL46/SL48/SL49/SL50/ SL51/SL52 


 SMITLLOYD 6000 hp class SL71/SL72/SL73/SL74/SL75


                 SMITLLOYD 8000 hp class SL/104/SL105/SL106/SL107/SL108/SL109/SL110/SL 111/SL112/SL113/SL114/SL115/SL116/SL117


 SMITLLOYD 10000 hp class SL120/SL121/SL122/SL123













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